Find The Right Men’s Cut For You

You might be going through a period of self improvement, maybe you’re tired of getting out of the shower and wondering what’s going on upstairs or you’re just sick of your old hairstyle and you’re after something new – spending time hair styling and trying to find the right cut isn’t just something for the girls and it’s not something to be embarrassed about!

You’re a guy, you have a look to maintain and you want to look good too – heck, you SHOULD look good! Men who don’t spend at least a bit of time concerned about their appearance end up coming across as lazy, unprofessional and lacking in confidence: none of which are positive attributes. Grooming means a lot more than keeping your shirts clean.

Take some time with your appearance, find out what works for you, why it does and read up on some of the latest men’s hair cuts and styles.

What Will Look Good on Me?

Not every haircut is going to look good, and it isn’t something you can change either. The reason some styles work for others and not for you – and vice versa – is because of face shape. There are about seven different common face shapes, each begging a different style to compliment.

Oval – The “ideal” face shape that lets you wear nearly any haircut. Hardly anybody has an oval face and the only real guide to follow is to keep hair from falling over it so that you can show off your fortunate genes.

Square – Defined, chiseled features and a strong jawline are the common characteristics of a square face. Think Arnie in the Terminator if you want a good mental image. Soften the edges with cuts that lengthen the face and avoid parting the hair in the middle unless you want to emulate Frankenstein’s Monster.

Oblong – Balance out an oblong shaped face with volume or a full fringe at the top. Medium length cuts are also easy to style and look great.

Heart – Wider above the eyes and slimmer around the jaw, heart shaped faces ask for longer hairstyles and you want to avoid anything too thick on top. It gives you the chance to do something a lot more interesting than the traditional short back and sides.

Triangle – If you have a slimmer forehead and a wider jaw line, try to keep your hair above the collar and top-focused. Keep it thick up top and show off that masculine chin.

Diamond – Narrow at the top and narrow around the jaw, if you have a diamond face shape then you generally want to avoid drawing attention to your ears. Add width around the forehead and sides and try to keep it slim around the cheeks.

Round – Even more uncommon than the oval face is the round one. With a head shaped a bit like an orange, you have a lot of options when it comes to styling and cuts. Short looks good and a lot of guys try to make the face look slimmer by keeping the hair slim around the cheeks.

Figure out your own face shape and make your hairstyle work for you. Talk to your hairdresser next time you go in about the cuts they think would be suitable and keep an eye out for celebrities and others with the same shape for ideas.

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