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The Top 6 Men’s Haircuts For Summer Of 2014

The most popular haircuts for men in the summer of 2014 include some well-known styles from last year, as well as some newcomers in 2014.  The classic pompadour leads the list in most effective and popular haircuts for men this year. Coming in closely behind are slicked back hair, side parting, the undercut, and the […]



.50 Caliber Hair Styling Spiking Glue

$8.99 (USD) per unit

Grey Helmet Style Arsenal has the biggest gun on the market! 24-hour hard hold, non-sticky, no flaking, no build up! Create styles never before possible. This humidity and sweat resistant formula is perfect for any climate. Works well with vertical styles and all hair types. Washes out effortlessly. Humidity Resistant Spike Shine 24-Hour Hold


7.62 Ultra Glue Hybrid Hair Styling Gel

$8.99 (USD) per unit

Grey Helmet Style Arsenal gets you battle ready AK-47 style! This hybrid weapon system holds like a glue and works like a gel. Load your arsenal with 24-hour performance and hold. Humidity barriers will keep extreme styles intact no matter how harsh the climate. Washes out effortlessly. Extreme Styles No Flaking 24-Hour Hold


.44 Magnum Maximum Control Gel

$8.99 (USD) per unit

Grey Helmet Style Arsenal provides Magnum hold for your high definition style. This easy to use gel provides maximum performance without complicating the mission. Keep your sporty style looking pliable and hydrated. “Black shirt friendly” with no build up or flakes. Sport Humidiy Resistant No Flaking High Shine High Definition Styles