The Most Popular Men’s Hairstyle: The Taper Fade Haircut As Worn By Drake, Ludacris, P. Diddy, And Shemar Moore

Celebrities like Rapper Drake, Rapper Ludacris, Rapper P. Diddy, and Actor Shemar Moore are Absolutely Rocking the Most Popular Men’s Haircut: The Taper Fade Haircut. We Show You How To Get This Look.

Most men have had something similar to a fade haircut like chart busting rapper Drake and super stylish actor Shemar Moore at least one time in their lives. This is because this haircut can be done from home, albeit not necessarily with the optimal results. All you need is an electric hair clipper with attachment guides that will give you control over the length of the cut.

But if you are looking for a clean, professional haircut with sharp lines and a clean polish, then we recommend you let the barber or hair stylist give your haircut the benefit of their training and experience. Believe me, Drake and Shemar Moore let the hair style experts to do their magic, and you can really see the results.

Men’s Haircuts: The Taper Fade Hairstyle

The taper fade haircut has become an art form in many areas, and it remains one of the most requested haircuts in the barbershop or salon. This type of haircut has unlimited possibilities, allowing you to insert your own personalized style into a classic men’s haircut.

Men’s Haircuts: The Faux Hawk With Taper Fade Hairstyle

The addition of long hair on top, interesting lines along the back and swatches of color add a degree of edginess and trendy style. Speaking of longer hair on top, the taper fade is the perfect side finish for another popular haircut: the faux hawk. This popular modification is but one of many permutations that are possible with the versatile taper fade men’s haircut.

The bottom line is that the taper fade haircut is a hallmark hairstyle that men have been turning to with confidence for years, and that trend is only increasing. Men and women of all ages love this cut, and it is the go-to haircut if you need to be stylish, modern, and attractive. Go ahead and give it a try yourself, or find any barber or hairstylist because this haircut is commonly mastered by hair professionals. It does take a huge degree of patience and skill to do the haircut properly, so if you want amazing work make sure you go to a professional.

How To Get The Taper Fade Haircut

If you do indeed decide to venture out on your own and produce this style yourself, here are 9 basic steps you need to take to achieve this look:

1. Buy a set of professional-grade clippers.
2. Oil the blades before you begin.
3. Cut the top of your hair first.
4. Select the guard size and the position of the fade line.
5. Cut with the clippers going sideways across the fade line.
6. Now, clip along the fade line you selected.
7. Clean up the fade line using the clippers-over-comb method.
8. Complete the fade line with the clippers.
9. Clean up the bottom and edges.

The Top 6 Men’s Haircuts For Summer Of 2014

The most popular haircuts for men in the summer of 2014 include some well-known styles from last year, as well as some newcomers in 2014.  The classic pompadour leads the list in most effective and popular haircuts for men this year. Coming in closely behind are slicked back hair, side parting, the undercut, and the taper fade. Let’s also not forget the importance of the beard in adding to a signature men’s hair style this year.


Though the pompadour originated as the dominant hair style in 18th century Europe, Elvis and James Dean gave it the pop over the top for men’s hair when they made the classic pompadour their signature style in the 1950’s. Today, male celebrities are rocking the pompadour hair style again, and they include Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, Bruno Mars, Adam Lambert, David Beckham, and Robin Thicke. The pompadour influence is also an important ingredient in other men’s hair styles such as side parting and the undercut.

The modern pompadour haircut on top should be accompanied by short back and side lengths, clipped short but not so short that the scalp is too exposed. Some tapering around the edges will reveal a stronger shape for the pompadour, as well as emphasizing the facial hair. For men with a short or long beard, this is a way to capture a rugged and masculine style. For those with longer faces, a bit more length can be kept through the sides to accentuate the shape of the face and give balance between the sides and the top. This haircut is not for the lazy. The styling time and upkeep for the pompadour hair style is significant because this style is high maintenance. Be ready to use some effort to get your daily styling just right, and you may want to go back to the stylist every few weeks to have the style cleaned up.

Side Parting

The retro styling of a traditional side parted haircut can be seen most prominently in the AMC TV series Mad Men. Don Draper demonstrates this classic and masculine style so effectively, as do the rest of the crew of the TV series. The side parted variation is easy to achieve for those with a slick hair cut style by adding a deep side part. This hair style is good for any setting, and it is formal enough even for a wedding. Celebrities other than Don Draper who style their hair with a side part include Zac Efron, Leonardo DiCaprio, and George Clooney.

The Undercut

The first few months of 2014 gave rise to a new haircut for men: the undercut. And undercut hair cut feels as cool as it looks which is perfect for the heat of summer. All you need to do to achieve this look is ask your barber to trim the side more than the length on top, avoiding cutting the hair too short in areas where you have a cowlick. To style the look for those with thin hair, simply brush it back with a blow dryer and a small-tooth comb. For those with thicker hair, you can ask the stylist to use a flat iron and pomade to smooth it down. This cut will keep you cool all summer because it eliminates all the length except on top, leaving you the option of giving the top a messy, spiky, or slick style. Celebrities showing off this new hair style include Brad Pitt, Bruno Mars, David Beckham, Johnny Depp, and Adam Levine.

Taper Fade

The taper fade style has been popularized by celebrities like rappers Drake, Ludacris, and P. Diddy, as well as Shemar Moore. This haircut has been popular for a while now because it is one of the haircuts that can be created at home, but that is not recommended. It is true that all you need is an electric hair clipper and attachment guides that give you control over the length of the cut to achieve something like a taper fade. But if you are looking for a clean, professional cut with sharp lines, we recommend you let the barber or hair stylist give you the cut. Celebrities like Drake, Ludacris, P. Diddy, and Shemar Moore let the hair style experts do their magic, and you can see the high quality results in their cuts.

Slicked Back Hair

The slicked back hair style has been extremely popular since last year, and it appears to be continuing to go strong for men with thick, wavy, and curly hair. Men with plentiful hair benefit from the high degree of clipping, and this style is guaranteed to continue through this year as a popular hair style for men. This style is similar to the undercut style in that it features a shaved back and sides, giving it the clean modern look men want this season. Celebrities who embrace the slicked back hair style include Alec Baldwin, Adam Lambert, Daniel Radcliffe, Brad Pitt, Ewan McGreggor, David Beckham, Ben Affleck, Tom Cruise, Elijah Wood, Jachary Quinto, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The Beard

It must be mentioned that men’s hair trends for 2014 definitely include facial hair. If your face is able to grow a thick, full beard, then we recommend you grow it. If your beard is thinner, the hair is finer, or the color is lighter, then a beard will also work for you, but in these cases you should keep your beard groomed to 1/8” or shorter. You may also want to invest in a product that softens the beard and prevents itching. Celebrities keeping the bearded style include Ryan Gosling, Seth Rogen, Jeff Bridges, Keanu Reeves, Justin Timberlake, Drake, Chris Pine, Jason Sudeikis, Matthew McConaughey, Russell Brand, Ryan Reynolds, Rob Pattinson, Lenny Kravitz, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Paul Rudd.

New Army Grooming, Appearance Regs Leaked Online

Details of the Army’s highly anticipated revisions to grooming and uniform regulations leaked online Thursday, just days before the document was set to go into effect.

The updated Army Regulation 670-1 was approved March 6 by Army Secretary John McHugh, and it will replace more than 50 all-Army messages and include new policies on issues such as tattoos, fingernail polish and general uniform wear, the Army has said.

Senior officials told Army Times last fall that the regulation would largely be a return to rules in place before 2006, when the Army softened policies to allow in recruits with tattoos on their hands and necks. At the time, the Army sought to grow by 80,000 troops.

On Thursday, a set of 57 PowerPoint slides dated March 19 and titled “Uniform Policy Leaders Training” was posted on Facebook by U.S. Army W.T.F.! Moments and quickly spread across Army-related sites.

Among the changes outlined in the slides:

  • Sideburns on male soldiers will not extend below the bottom of the ear opening.
  • Female soldiers can wear their hair in a ponytail during physical training.
  • Tattoos are not authorized on the face, head, neck or hands.
  • Soldiers may have no more than four visible tattoos below the elbow or the knee; tattoos must be smaller than the size of the wearer’s hand.
  • Sleeve tattoos on the arms or legs are not authorized.
  • Enlisted soldiers who exceed the tattoo limit cannot request commissioning; they are not grandfathered.
  • Commanders must validate all tattoos above the neckline, below the elbows and below the knees with a description of the color and shape on an official memo.
  • Commanders will conduct an annual check for new tattoos or brands in prohibited locations.
  • Soldiers may carry a plain black umbrella during inclement weather while wearing the service, dress and mess uniforms. Umbrellas are not authorized in formations or when wearing field or utility uniforms.

From an article in the Army Times.

Qualities That Would Attract Women

The press has established its “ideal” when it comes down to exactly what women seek. You’ll observe men with tough cheek bones, chiseled abs, finely groomed hair, convertible, and costly suit – all these projects an image of self-confidence and fortune. But nonetheless what are the things women actually wish from a man? What absolutely interests them that they fall head over heels at their side?

I have encountered several guys wanting to know how they may attract women and to be honest, men are justifiably overwhelmed on the subject of figuring out what women want in a gentleman.

On the contradictory, I’ve experienced men who met their dream girl on the net and they we’re earlier enamored long before they even met. I’ve also heard about men with disabilities that have unexpectedly drawn attractive and magnificent ladies.

What exactly do women definitely find desirable in a man? I am going to simply share some of what I believe is top in their thoughts:

Women are charmed by men who is able to remember details

Right now this is something which is a tough challenge for most men. Someone once stated, “My partner was historical as opposed to hysterical”. Women can sure remember details: first date, first kiss, first gift. You must just be sure you remember those small factors also since those little things often times will be so much to them.

Women are drawn to articulate men

Many women are pretty good in expressing themselves and therefore they like anyone who is prepared to articulately convey their thoughts. They find men of that ranking as a sensible person. I’m absolutely not talking with respect to education. I have encountered many educated men who definitely are unable to express themselves – that is generally a turn off. Maybe you can start small. Almost all men fail to express themselves consequently this certainly will require further training.

Women are charmed by Leaders

The reason why our media demonstrates confident men in their advertisements is due to the fact that it illustrates a robust man, and a tough man has leadership inborn in them. As a result in a way, women are really intrigued by men that are leaders in their own personal right. They demand somebody who could make, not only a decision but the right decision; and if they misjudge with their final decision they will be ready to accept it. That is how you can attract women.

You see brothers, the appearance are merely less important. So roll with everything you have! Do not forget these points if you would like to be her Champion because you can!

I’ve got your back!

About Dwayne H. Klassen -
Dwayne is a leading relationship, men and dating expert. He is a speaker, author and coach for men. He is the author of his soon to be released book, The Remarkable Man – Champions to Women, Heroes To Children and Brothers To Each Other. He is “The Mojo Coach” with the Remarkable Man Coaching Program.
Dwayne is also the Founder of The Remarkable Man Project – A global initiative and community to challenge one million men to be Remarkable. It’s about to be the largest leadership, empowerment and adventure network in the world for men.

Five Important Considerations When Purchasing Cool Gifts For Men

If you will look at the best cool gifts for men, it can be quite confusing which one to purchase. Often, women purchase the wrong ones because they do not have an idea on what guidelines to follow. In fact, it is also possible to spend more than what you expect if you are going for the cool gifts that you just see anywhere. So what are the things that you should consider when purchasing presents for men?


Before anything else, you need to set a budget. Are you willing to pay as much as $500 for an electronic gadget as a gift? Whether you have a good amount of money or you don’t, you still have to make sure that you set a ceiling to how much you want to actually use.


From the TV show to the favorite sport these are some of the things that you have to find out. This is the most important factor that you should know if you really want the perfect gift to your father, brother or even your boyfriend. Men have different preferences from the teams that they support to the sport that they play. Knowing their interest will save you the time thinking of which product you should go for.


Whether it is photography or painting or simply playing video games, men will have some sort of hobby that they will do on their free time. Getting items that are related to their hobbies can be a perfect present. For instance, photography accessories can become a good choice for the photo enthusiast.


Whenever you provide gifts for the men in your life, you need to consider if the gift is actually age appropriate. For instance, gifts that are complimentary to the active lifestyle may not be that useful to a 50 year old. The age is a determinant on what activity he is going to be capable of doing.


A lot of men are basically defined by what they do for a living. They spend most of their waking hours on the workplace. One of the best presents that you can give men is anything that would help them perform better on their work. For example, why not give an external hard drive for a guy who works as a web designer or a web developer? Another good example is to give power tools to a blue collar man.

If you still find it difficult to select a gift to the special men in your life, you may want to look online for some suggestions. These days, there are a lot of stores that would offer cool gifts for men. You can check these retailers and you may be surprised just how some of the products they offer are not really generic enough to be given to any guy out there. If you think that it is hard to pick the cool gifts for men, these things to consider can play a great role so you don’t ever waste your money and you guarantee satisfaction on the part of men in your life.

When it comes to having presents, you need to look into different factors. If you are on a stiff budget and you want varieties of cool gifts for men, you may want to check This company allows you to have necessary choices when picking the right gift for your male loved ones.

Article Source: EzineArticles