The Most Popular Men’s Hairstyles Of 2012 And Men’s Hair Style Trends For 2013

The Hottest Hairstyle Trends For Men In 2012 & 2013

The boring days of hair flopping down over a man’s forehead have been replaced by some exciting new hair styles that keep men looking great. And the best part for men: it is really easy to achieve one of these styles. All you need is a little help, and you just found it.

We will break down the best hair styles from 2012, show you the new trends for 2013, and arm you with the knowledge to get it for yourself. We know men want a great hair style without having to spend a bunch of time and effort on it. All of these styles can be easily done at home.

Here are the top hairstyle trends for 2012 and 2013. Just click on one of the hair styles if you want to see more details about it, or scroll down through them all below…

Short Hairstyle

Sides: Short
Top: Medium Length

HOW TO: This style is perfect for men because it is easy to do, and it is very masculine with an attractive texture. Use a blow dryer to blow your hair upwards and shape it into a quiff for the foundation of the style hold. Rub a small amount of hair gel into your hand and work it into your hair all the way from the top to the roots. Use your finger tips to comb through from front to back to roughen and shapen it up on the top and sides. Lightly pat your hair down behind the fringes letting them stay forward, and pat the sides down. Then you are done!

Long Hairstyle

Sides: Long
Front: Long

HOW TO: This one is pretty easy to describe. Make it wild and clean in a way that brings order out of chaos. Use enough hair gel to do the job, don’t be skimpy. Work the gel in so it covers the entire strand of hair from tip to root. Then style it the way you like.

Fohawk Hairstyle

Sides: Short
Front: Medium/Short

HOW TO: Use a blow dryer to shape the front of your hair upward, and at the same time blow the sides downward. Use a little styling gel to cover the hair from the tip to the root, and then mold the shape into a pyramid with your fingers in the front and top of the hair. Now just bring down the sides of your hair, and you have it!

Textured Fringe

Sides: Medium
Front: Medium

HOW TO: Use a blow dryer to shape your hair downward and to the side for the basic style of your hair. Use a decent amount of gel, apply it to the entire hair from tip to root, and style it swept to the side so it flows. On one side, keep the hair flowing down and add a slight part of the hair on top. Then on the other side, gently shape the hair so it flows with the front. And now you have a textured fringe.

Side Parting

Front: Short / Medium
Sides: Short

HOW TO: Make sure your hair product eliminates frizz because that is something you do not want with a side parted style. Use a little bit of gel but not too much. Work it down into the roots, but don’t overdo it because you will end up with crispy hair. Flow the front of your hair to one side, and push the other side back. This will create the basic side part. Use a comb where the part is to pull down and create a nice sharp part line. Any hair below the line gets combed down, and any hair above the line gets combed up and to the side. And you are now side parted.

Slick Hairstyle

Front: Short/Medium
Sides: Short/Medium

HOW TO: Remember the side parted hairstyle because all those comments apply here, too. For this style, you will have to have a medium length of hair. Use your fingers to create a center part near your forehead and don’t worry about making it perfect. Take a decent amount of hair gel and push your hair a little bit upward and sideways with a wide-toothed comb.

Fade Hairstyle

Sides: Short
Front: Short

HOW TO: All you have to do is tell your hairdresser to make your sides fade into the top. This hairstyle is simple and straight-forward. The top is kept short, and the sides are kept even shorter that the top. You can add short side burns to this style as an option.


With so many great hair style options, men are achieving sexy hair styles more than ever before. 2012 has been a great year for men’s hair styles, and the trend going into 2013 continues to be an emphasis on attractive style in men’s hair.

With so many great options, you can find something that works for you. It’s all about finding the style that makes you feel comfortable. It’s all about being open to trying something new, and if you do you will probably find a modern, attractive hair style that you really like.

Best Sunglasses for Men in 2012

Sunglasses are one of the accessories loved by most men, in fact many guys are crazy about them. Where women own a few, men own a collection. After all they have only a few options to accessorize and sunglasses are the best option. They not just add glamour to their personality but also help them in riding their bike and playing their favorite sport. Shh… If you are a girl, these are also the best option to gift a guy, be it your brother, dad or your bf!

When you are going to buy men sunglasses, the very first question that comes or that should come in your mind is ‘what are the latest and best sunglasses for men?’

There are many brands that are competing in this race, but the brand that stands out among all of them is no doubt Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban sunglasses are not just famous but legendary too. Ray-Ban sunglasses have continuously proven to be the first choice of people from reel to real life with many celebrities wearing them. The most famous sunglasses by them are the following.

• Ray-Ban RB 3025: Stylish aviator sunglasses available in over 24 colors

• Ray-Ban RB 2140: the classic wayfarer which is now available in a wide range of colors.

• Ray-Ban RB 3460 Flip out aviator: a single sunglass which lets you enjoy the benefits and style of three aviators at the price of one

• Ray Ban RB 4105 Folding wayfarer: a practical, portable or space efficient product which can be easily folded and stored in a small place.

The next dominated brand-name in men sunglasses is Oakley. Very popular among sports people and celebrities, this brand ensures high level of performance along with style. Oakley was also the official eyewear partner of the recently held Olympic 2012. Famous sunglasses by Oakley include Oakley Half Jacket, Oakley Radar Range and Oakley Frogskin which is very popular among people and celebrities and comes in various color options.

The other very popular sunglasses are Emporio Armani EA 9644, Emporio Armani EA 9702, Emporio Armani EA 9716, Maui Jim Baby Beach, Police V 1665, Maui Jim Maui Cat III, Maui Jim Coconuts to name a few.

However, all these brands mentioned above don’t offer a range of affordable sunglasses. But fortunately there are various companies that manufacture similar looking products at a pocket-friendly price. So if you are looking for pocket friendly but stylish sunglasses, here’s the list.

• High Gear 7675: stylish aviators with numerous color options.
• Sundrive m1001: trendy and chic wayfarers in various color combinations.
• Sundrive 8801: Classic black aviator that gives you celebrity look
• Sundrive 8802: Very stylish and uber cool, these sunglasses are sure to add glamour to your personality
• Sundrive 8804: Rectangle sunglasses that protects eyes besides adding style to personality

All these sunglasses are 100% UV protected and are made from quality material ensuring maximum protection to eyes. You can buy men sunglasses online from various sites, you can even find some great offer/deals on some sites. Presently maximum sites provide free home delivery with Cash on Delivery option; some sites even have try-on option which virtually allows you to try sunglasses online. Wherever you buy from, make sure the site is genuine and authorized dealer of the brand so that you get authentic products at best price!

Men’s Winter Fashion 2012/2013

For the fashion forward thinking men around the world, this article is for you. We are going to take a look at the hottest new looks strutting down the runway in this season’s major fashion shows. From Esquire’s perspective to GQ’s; the new styles all lean in an eye-catching, cozy direction with a few surprises.

If you are looking for a snazzy suit, you will want to have a nice assortment of pleated trousers. Blue is the color of the season, from rich royal blues, to classic navy blue, a slim fitting well-tailored pair of slacks is a must have. Of course, classic base colors like camel, chocolate and grey are a staple for any wardrobe. No longer is it necessary to have the slacks rest on the shoes, short is the look for 2013.

For the upper half, lapels are back. Blazers with a double-breasted lapel are a big trend this season. One of the most note-worthy trends is somewhat shocking. A striped tie, with a patterned button up shirt is no longer taboo; in fact it is all the rage. Layers of plaid and geometric patterns, combined with understated colors such as grey, neutral and taupe, it is a sign of a fashion conscientious man this winter. Another hot look for the torso is loose knit, texture rich and lived-in look is hot, and warm too. Cozy sweaters with elbow patches are a winner as well.

For a more relaxed and casual look, a trending new flair is emerging. A sturdy pair of unlaced hiking boots paired with casual, loose-fitting pants is big. Pair this casual look with one of the above mentioned sweaters with elbow patches and you’ll look hip and relaxed.

Now that the body is covered and stylish let’s talk accessories and outerwear. Scarves are the perfect accessory for the office or the ski lodge this season. Keeping with the colors of your outfit, feel free to spice up the look with patterns and bold colors. If you’re going with a neutral color scheme of camel and chocolate, try a bold burnt sienna scarf with a pattern. Think texture as you make your selection though and don’t forget this season it’s OK to mix and match the various textures within your ensemble. Along with your scarf, you’ll most assuredly want a well-fitting pair of leather gloves and a proper overcoat. Your overcoat should play well with both your casual and dress attire, to achieve this we recommend wool, cashmere or camel-hair and have it hang just above the knee, to assure you’re still achieving that modern look. J. Crew has several stylish looks that will keep you rocking this year’s fashion edge. And last but not least; headgear, a must have this year is a knit hat. Ralph Lauren, Oliver Spencer and Lands’ End all offer some of the years most sought after winter caps, with a price range of $80 to $45.

Popularity Of Retro Hairstyles In 2012

Most people have a flashback of some hair style they saw in the past when they were wearing retro hairstyles. Although some may think the style has been passed by time, the styles are still impressive to have. The styles have been in fashion for a while and they will probably continue sticking the eyes of many even in the future. Actually, there is no one distinctive definition of the term retro hairstyle. Basically, they are a variant of suave finger waves or titillating elegant chignons. The popularity of retro hairstyles in 2012 is attributed to the past style of grooming. The styles are still in fashion due to the fact that they can enchantingly be transformed into the most sophisticated hairstyle anytime.

Many entertainers have already realized that they can honor the memories of the long-gone starlets by wearing these hairstyles as an ultra-modern fashion statement. This triggers their memories in a modern way therefore helping us commemorate their success. There are many retro hairstyles that have already emanated in the first two months of 2012.

Some of us saw our parents and grandparents with manifold bobby pins sticking out around of their heads. This may seem old and primitive and many may even think that they are being taken back to old type of life if they are told to have such type of hairstyle. Nevertheless, if you take a close look around artists you will realize that some of the most renowned hairstyles we see today have the same aspect of pin curls.

Beehive hairdo is another style that has been there for quite long time now. You might remember people making it like a competition. Every man wanted to make his hair the greatest in height. It was pretty obvious that the tallest hair was the best. Nowadays there are classy updos or colossal buns that are worn by the fashionable ladies.

Beyond doubt, everyone can see the similarity between this style and the beehive. As a matter of fact, someone can say that this is filch the past. Consequently, we can conclude that this is what makes it retro and most preferred type of hairstyle.

The most blatant hairstyle that shows a direct correlation between the current style and the retro one is Bob hairstyle. This style has frequently been tailored but has never lost its versatility and charm. People mistake the style to be short and straight, but long and sleek can also be categorized as Bob. The hairstyle is common among models, sportsmen and celebrity.

Side-parted hairstyles are used for both formal and casual undertakings. However, most casual activities take the retro aspect. These are the types that are eminent in fashion magazines and social media. The styles are common among celebrity.

For many men, the slicked-back hairstyle like Leonardo DiCaprio & David Beckham have already get the hit. The hairstyle is not too difficult to maintain. You only need some styling products & hair brush to achieve the look.

If you kind of fancy a bygone fashion, do not get embarrassed. You might be the next person to set a fashion trend. There is no much you can do to hair today that would be classified as unacceptable. In fashion especially historical hairstyle, the cliche that history repeats its self is applicable. Just look back into the past, walk off with a style you like and work on it. This might raise the popularity of retro hairstyles in 2012.