3 Goal Setting Tips for Guys Who Want Better Things in 2013

It is a new year coming up and in the long standing tradition of the new year, you are more than likely going to start thinking about setting some goals. It’s a chance to take stock and have a real look at where you are right now and where you want to be. Of course, if you are like most guys, a few months into the year you are already going to be deviating from whatever goals that you set in the beginning of the year.

Here are 3 goal setting tips that will help you stay on track and achieve them so that you can have a better 2013:

1. Stretch yourself but not too far.

You don’t want to set goals that are so mediocre that they don’t really get you excited. It’s that excitement that is going to drive you when you don’t feel like working towards your desires, so it’s important that you make sure that you are setting goals that really stretch yourself and make you feel excited about the prospects of achieving them. The thing is, you want to be careful about stretching yourself too far, because if the outcome really seem too hard to achieve, it will become far too easy to rationalize why it’s okay to just give up.

2. Take time each week to see how far you have gotten towards your goal.

Weekly progress is the key to really being able to achieve the things that you want to achieve and it is much easier to stay on track if you are taking time to chart your progress every week. You might find that it helps to motivate you to take more action the next week if you don’t really think that you made enough progress for the week that you are tracking and that can be a good source of motivation for you.

3. Celebrate milestones when you reach them.

One goal that is very good for men who are on the shy side is to approach a certain amount of women in a certain period of time. So, let’s say that you decide that you want to approach 10 women per month. Once you reach the fifth woman that you have approached, take time to celebrate that you are already halfway towards your goal. By doing this, you are going to give yourself an incentive to keep striving to achieve your desires.