Hair Care

Men: Do You Love Your Hair?

Let’s face it most men can be quite vain. Spending hours in front of the mirror, flexing those pecks, or even striking that killer pose to try and wow the ladies. However, one reason why men spend hours in front of the mirror is often to get their hair absolutely perfect. A wayward hair style throws the whole balance off and you have to start all over again if you cannot get it right.

Why Looking after Your Hair is Important, Even For Men and the Styles which you can opt For!

Looking after your hair is an important part of looking good. If your hair is greasy or it has bits of last nights gooey gel left in it, how do you expect to get that style you are after. Greasy hair also attracts dirt and you could end up with skin problems as well as hair problems, then where will you be?

So, the first port of call is to take a good hard look at you, and judging by the amount of time that some men spend looking in the mirrors anyway, it should not be too hard!

Ask yourself if your hair too long, too short, or too messy? Also it is best to know what type of hair you actually have so that when you buy shampoo, you are purchasing the right one for you. Buying the wrong type of shampoo can potentially damage your hair so always take the time to find out which type you should actually be buying.

So how do you find out which shampoo is for you? Well, the best thing to do is to look carefully at your hair and ask yourself certain questions like: Do I have dandruff? Is my hair greasy or oily? Is my hair dry? Does my Hair? If you answer any of these questions as yes, then you are now aware of what your hair is like, thus you can make sure that you get the right shampoo for your hair type.

You can purchase a shampoo from all supermarkets and drugstores, as well as a big range available in certain hair salons. There is also an even bigger selection on the internet if you would prefer to shop online.

For men with longer hair, more care is obviously needed than it is for those with shorter hair. The shorter your hair, the easier it can be to manage. There are many styles that can be tried out for both men with long and short hair, and the trends change quite often. If stars and celebrities try out new haircuts that seem a bit outrageous, it can be guaranteed, many men will try these hair cuts out too.

How do you achieve these looks then? There are many products available absolutely everywhere, to help you to style your hair. There are gels, sprays, foams, all of which can achieve anything from simple styles, to radical, spiky, and completely wacky styles, you are certainly are spoilt for choice.

If you always go for the same hair cut, short back and sides or just plain and boring, you may be interested in trying out a new style. It may be that you have wanted to change your hair style for ages, but you are too scared to try anything different in case it does not look right, or suit you.

If you are uncertain as to what style to try, have a word with your nearest barber shop for an evaluation. They will be able to suggest ideas, and be able to help you make the right choice for you. If there is a style that you are brave enough to try, do not be afraid to tell the hairdressers or barbers about it. You can always cut out clippings from magazines or newspapers to take with you in order to show the hairdresser what style you were thinking of.

By taking care of your hair, it will take care of you. It can help with your appearance, and in turn that can do wonders for your confidence. They say you should not judge a book by its cover but unfortunately a lot of people do.

Overall, it is all down to personal preference and as long as you are happy with your hair it should not matter what anybody else thinks.

Winter Hair Care: Prevent Split Ends and Hair Breakage In 2013

Split ends and hair breakage are problems that are present whole year round but escalate once the cold winds start blowing. If you’re wondering why, it’s because hair is more brittle and dry during winter. The cold dry winds strip the hair of moisture and the presence of electric heaters seriously compromise hair texture. There’s only so much torture that your hair can take before it literally reaches its breaking point.

What Can You Do For Your Hair?

Wintertime should definitely be about your hair and nothing else! This is a critical time of the year when hair is prone to most damage and also the season where your hair is expected to be at its prettiest. With all the parties and gatherings scheduled, it would be a huge embarrassment to show up with dry and frizzy hair. You don’t want to have flat, lifeless and damaged hair with split ends during this time of the year.

As we all know, split ends and hair breakage can be brought about by prolonged exposure to heat whether that is under the sun or heat from styling aids, spotlights or klieg lights. Here are several things you can do to take care of your hair during the cold winter months:

1. Avoid Exposure to Heat. The sun may be on vacation, but the intense heat of blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, crimpers and whatever else are still there. If you plan to change hairstyles with every party you’ll be attending, try to go for the ones which do not require styling gadgets. With hair already dry and vulnerable, exposing them to unnecessary heat might cause permanent damage.

2. Stay Away from Heavy Chemical Products. If you must use hair products, choose those which are organic or natural as much as possible. Bombarding your hair with heavy chemicals when it is weak and brittle already will be detrimental to your tresses.

3. Handle With Care. Do not over brush, over-style or pull on your hair during the winter. What it needs is to be handled gently and with great care and love. Comb hair slowly, work out the tangles with care and cover your hair when going outdoors.

4. Moisturize. Treat your tired tresses to protein treatments, extra nourishing conditioners and nutrient wraps as often as you can. You can try a home hot oil treatment with coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil or shea butter and leave it on for about half an hour to one hour for best results.

5. Split ends and hair breakage are serious hair problems which should not be taken lightly. Dry and cold air wreaks havoc on your hair cuticle and scalp.It deprives your hair of necessary moisture. Since the cold weather causes hair cuticles to tighten or contract, moisturizing hair becomes twice as hard compared to warmer months. You must remember to use more hair conditioners, moisturizers, butters and waxes and apply them more often to prevent your hair from drying out and weakening during the cold months.

The Correct Way to Use Hair Gel

There’s a good variety of hair styling products to help give your style control and design. Hairspray, soft foamy mousse and thick hair gel are among the most commonly used products.

Many consumers steer away from hair gel after misguided attempts to use it resulted in disastrous hair styles. Using too much gel leaves your hair weighed down and unmanageable. It can also make your hair look wet and sticky. If you’re trying to give some lift to your locks, too much gel can make it an exercise in frustration.

However, using gel on your roots is actually a great way to increase volume, add lift and height to your hair as well as hold short spiked up hair styles. The key is to knowing how to use hair gel correctly.

Start with clean hair. Wet hair is usually better because the gel will bond better as your hair dries, but it’s not critical. In fact, until you get the hang of it, starting with dry hair might make it easier for you to see where the gel is sitting.

Don’t apply the gel directly to your hair. Instead, pour a small amount onto your finger tips, and gently massage it into the roots of your hair. Even if you’re using spray gel, spray it on your hands first. A little really does go a long way, so it’s best to start with just a dab and increase it as you need more. Only the roots of your hair need to be gelled in order to give it volume. Adding gel to the strands themselves will often weigh down your hair.

Using a blow dryer on a low setting will set the gel and also prevent it from looking wet. For volume, either flip your hair upside down, or use a brush to pull your hair upwards while you dry the roots. For many styles, however, such as short spikes, blow drying isn’t even necessary.

Using hair gel is a great way to get the look you want quickly and easily. It takes a little practice to get comfortable with the technique and the amount of gel you hair needs, but once you do, you’ll be amazed at the versatile styles you can achieve.

Hair Care Tips for Men – Keeping a Healthy Looking Head of Hair

Many men do not have a routine that helps them deal with their mane and some even have unkempt tresses which make them look bad. Women on the other hand really try to have a presentable look, especially when it comes to their locks. Unknown to many people, there are men’s hair care tips which can be used by the average male who wants to look sharp.

The first thing a man can do to his tresses is to keep them clean. Some men may fail to keep their lock clean as they do not wash frequently. It is advisable to wash one’s tresses at least three times a week. This will remove any dust or accumulated oils from the head and give one a fresh look.

It is also important to use lukewarm or cold water when cleaning your locks. Hot water robs the tresses of important nutrients and contributes to a dried scalp. This also makes the locks weak and may result in loss of tresses. Using a good shampoo will always be an added advantage for your head as it will provide nutrients to your scalp as well as clean it.

Choosing the best style for your head will enable you to maintain a good image. Most males do not have any particular hairstyles and this makes it difficult for them to maintain a good look. It is advisable to visit a barber who can help you and advise you on what style would best suit you. When choosing a hairstyle, you must pick something that will not trouble you and you will manage easily.

After washing the tresses, then it is best not to rub it using a towel. This causes breakages and damages it resulting to loss of locks. You should use a blow drier which is lowly heated or let the tresses dry by themselves. Caution must be taken when using heated appliances. These may cause excessive drying of the tresses and cause irreparable damage and loss.

Men also need to get scalp massages so as to enhance growth of tresses. This will also help in dealing with the dandruff problems. The dandruff can also be dealt with by washing tresses and using the anti dandruff products.

By wearing hats and caps during very sunny weathers, men will be able to protect their tresses from damage and drying which occurs when there is too much heat. This also causes lots of sweating. During the hot weather it is recommended that they wash their scalps at least once daily.

Besides all the above, the most essential men’s hair care tips is that regarding the diet. The food that one takes largely contributes to the growth of the tresses and it is recommended that all the men eat balanced diets which can provide nutrients to their tresses. High water in take will also create a balance in the body nutrients and it is recommended for healthy tresses. Remember that the tresses are not just about women. Even men require to be conscious about their image and this includes how their heads look.