Hair Styles 2013

Men’s Hair Style – Hairstyle Trends in 2013

Trendy hairstyles are not limited only to women, even men have a number of trendy hairstyles they can experiment with. Men are now increasingly giving importance to their looks, clothes and accessories. They are also very conscious regarding their hairstyles and are willing to experiment with different trendy and funky hairstyles and even hair colors. A few of the trendy hairstyles are popularized by celebrities which encourages men, especially teenagers, to adopt them. What’s more, there are trendy short hairstyles, medium hairstyles and even long hairstyles. These men’s hairstyles can be easily maintained and compliment all occasions. Listed below are a few hairstyles for men.

Short Length Hairstyles

Short Hairstyle
Zayn Malik Short Hairstyle
Zayn Malik
Fohawk Hairstyle
Zayn Malik Short Hairstyle
Ewan McGreggor

Crew Cut
This has been one of the most popular and fashionable short haircuts in the past few years. Many of its variations have been developed in these years and it was also adopted by the military. In this hairstyle, hair around the sides and on the back is trimmed closely and the hair on top is kept slightly dense. The crew cut needs very little maintenance and is easy to manage for a long time, as well. The variations of this hairstyle include the extra short version and the ‘high and tight ‘ version.

Classic Cut
This hairstyle has been in vogue since ages and there is no scope of it being out of fashion ever. Its length and shape adds an unmatched versatility to men’s personality. Suited best for working professionals, this is the best formal men’s hairstyle ever known and imparts a mature and sophisticated look. Hair parted sideways is the trademark of this hairstyle.

Spiked Hairstyle
This hairstyle is very popular amongst young guys as a teen hairstyle. An extremely informal hairstyle, it is easy to achieve and maintain this hairstyle with the help of some style and hold gel and a blow dryer.

Buzz Cut
The buzz cut is a popular cut among soldiers, athletes and sportsmen. It requires no maintenance as the hair is cut extremely short all over. Just a shower and you are all set!

Faux Hawk
A trendier version of the classic mohawk hairstyle, the faux hawk is a popular short length trendy hairstyle for men. Sported and popularized by David Beckham, the faux hawk hairstyle is achieved by spiking the hair in the middle of the head, while keeping the hair in the sides as it is.

Medium Length Hairstyles

Textured Mid-Length Layered Hairstylephilip-crangi-medium-long-hairstylePhilip Crangi

Messy Hairstyle
This is the ideal hairstyle for men with thin medium length hair. It is also known as the out-of-bed-look hairstyle. It can be sported for informal occasions like a beach party or discotheque party. It is easy to achieve but needs a lot of maintenance to sport the look well.

Wavy Hairstyle
This is an emerging trendy hairstyle for men and most of the men are just getting used to sporting this one. Not all men will be able to sport this hairstyle confidently and it also requires some amount of maintenance to manage the waves on the locks. This hairstyle adds volume to the hair while giving it a unique shape.

The Classic Taper Hairstyle
This is a popular hairstyle among many men who manage to sport medium length hair. This hairstyle is a nice blend of style and conservativeness. The hair is tapered at the back and sides, it is left long on the forehead so that it can be brushed back.

These trendy hairstyles for men can give men a whole new look and a new dimension to their personality. Make sure you learn about hair care and how the hairstyles are to be maintained, before you decide to sport one yourself.