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The Top 6 Men’s Haircuts For Summer Of 2014

The most popular haircuts for men in the summer of 2014 include some well-known styles from last year, as well as some newcomers in 2014.  The classic pompadour leads the list in most effective and popular haircuts for men this year. Coming in closely behind are slicked back hair, side parting, the undercut, and the taper fade. Let’s also not forget the importance of the beard in adding to a signature men’s hair style this year.


Though the pompadour originated as the dominant hair style in 18th century Europe, Elvis and James Dean gave it the pop over the top for men’s hair when they made the classic pompadour their signature style in the 1950’s. Today, male celebrities are rocking the pompadour hair style again, and they include Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, Bruno Mars, Adam Lambert, David Beckham, and Robin Thicke. The pompadour influence is also an important ingredient in other men’s hair styles such as side parting and the undercut.

The modern pompadour haircut on top should be accompanied by short back and side lengths, clipped short but not so short that the scalp is too exposed. Some tapering around the edges will reveal a stronger shape for the pompadour, as well as emphasizing the facial hair. For men with a short or long beard, this is a way to capture a rugged and masculine style. For those with longer faces, a bit more length can be kept through the sides to accentuate the shape of the face and give balance between the sides and the top. This haircut is not for the lazy. The styling time and upkeep for the pompadour hair style is significant because this style is high maintenance. Be ready to use some effort to get your daily styling just right, and you may want to go back to the stylist every few weeks to have the style cleaned up.

Side Parting

The retro styling of a traditional side parted haircut can be seen most prominently in the AMC TV series Mad Men. Don Draper demonstrates this classic and masculine style so effectively, as do the rest of the crew of the TV series. The side parted variation is easy to achieve for those with a slick hair cut style by adding a deep side part. This hair style is good for any setting, and it is formal enough even for a wedding. Celebrities other than Don Draper who style their hair with a side part include Zac Efron, Leonardo DiCaprio, and George Clooney.

The Undercut

The first few months of 2014 gave rise to a new haircut for men: the undercut. And undercut hair cut feels as cool as it looks which is perfect for the heat of summer. All you need to do to achieve this look is ask your barber to trim the side more than the length on top, avoiding cutting the hair too short in areas where you have a cowlick. To style the look for those with thin hair, simply brush it back with a blow dryer and a small-tooth comb. For those with thicker hair, you can ask the stylist to use a flat iron and pomade to smooth it down. This cut will keep you cool all summer because it eliminates all the length except on top, leaving you the option of giving the top a messy, spiky, or slick style. Celebrities showing off this new hair style include Brad Pitt, Bruno Mars, David Beckham, Johnny Depp, and Adam Levine.

Taper Fade

The taper fade style has been popularized by celebrities like rappers Drake, Ludacris, and P. Diddy, as well as Shemar Moore. This haircut has been popular for a while now because it is one of the haircuts that can be created at home, but that is not recommended. It is true that all you need is an electric hair clipper and attachment guides that give you control over the length of the cut to achieve something like a taper fade. But if you are looking for a clean, professional cut with sharp lines, we recommend you let the barber or hair stylist give you the cut. Celebrities like Drake, Ludacris, P. Diddy, and Shemar Moore let the hair style experts do their magic, and you can see the high quality results in their cuts.

Slicked Back Hair

The slicked back hair style has been extremely popular since last year, and it appears to be continuing to go strong for men with thick, wavy, and curly hair. Men with plentiful hair benefit from the high degree of clipping, and this style is guaranteed to continue through this year as a popular hair style for men. This style is similar to the undercut style in that it features a shaved back and sides, giving it the clean modern look men want this season. Celebrities who embrace the slicked back hair style include Alec Baldwin, Adam Lambert, Daniel Radcliffe, Brad Pitt, Ewan McGreggor, David Beckham, Ben Affleck, Tom Cruise, Elijah Wood, Jachary Quinto, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The Beard

It must be mentioned that men’s hair trends for 2014 definitely include facial hair. If your face is able to grow a thick, full beard, then we recommend you grow it. If your beard is thinner, the hair is finer, or the color is lighter, then a beard will also work for you, but in these cases you should keep your beard groomed to 1/8” or shorter. You may also want to invest in a product that softens the beard and prevents itching. Celebrities keeping the bearded style include Ryan Gosling, Seth Rogen, Jeff Bridges, Keanu Reeves, Justin Timberlake, Drake, Chris Pine, Jason Sudeikis, Matthew McConaughey, Russell Brand, Ryan Reynolds, Rob Pattinson, Lenny Kravitz, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Paul Rudd.

Men’s Hair Style – Hairstyle Trends in 2013

Trendy hairstyles are not limited only to women, even men have a number of trendy hairstyles they can experiment with. Men are now increasingly giving importance to their looks, clothes and accessories. They are also very conscious regarding their hairstyles and are willing to experiment with different trendy and funky hairstyles and even hair colors. A few of the trendy hairstyles are popularized by celebrities which encourages men, especially teenagers, to adopt them. What’s more, there are trendy short hairstyles, medium hairstyles and even long hairstyles. These men’s hairstyles can be easily maintained and compliment all occasions. Listed below are a few hairstyles for men.

Short Length Hairstyles

Short Hairstyle
Zayn Malik Short Hairstyle
Zayn Malik
Fohawk Hairstyle
Zayn Malik Short Hairstyle
Ewan McGreggor

Crew Cut
This has been one of the most popular and fashionable short haircuts in the past few years. Many of its variations have been developed in these years and it was also adopted by the military. In this hairstyle, hair around the sides and on the back is trimmed closely and the hair on top is kept slightly dense. The crew cut needs very little maintenance and is easy to manage for a long time, as well. The variations of this hairstyle include the extra short version and the ‘high and tight ‘ version.

Classic Cut
This hairstyle has been in vogue since ages and there is no scope of it being out of fashion ever. Its length and shape adds an unmatched versatility to men’s personality. Suited best for working professionals, this is the best formal men’s hairstyle ever known and imparts a mature and sophisticated look. Hair parted sideways is the trademark of this hairstyle.

Spiked Hairstyle
This hairstyle is very popular amongst young guys as a teen hairstyle. An extremely informal hairstyle, it is easy to achieve and maintain this hairstyle with the help of some style and hold gel and a blow dryer.

Buzz Cut
The buzz cut is a popular cut among soldiers, athletes and sportsmen. It requires no maintenance as the hair is cut extremely short all over. Just a shower and you are all set!

Faux Hawk
A trendier version of the classic mohawk hairstyle, the faux hawk is a popular short length trendy hairstyle for men. Sported and popularized by David Beckham, the faux hawk hairstyle is achieved by spiking the hair in the middle of the head, while keeping the hair in the sides as it is.

Medium Length Hairstyles

Textured Mid-Length Layered Hairstylephilip-crangi-medium-long-hairstylePhilip Crangi

Messy Hairstyle
This is the ideal hairstyle for men with thin medium length hair. It is also known as the out-of-bed-look hairstyle. It can be sported for informal occasions like a beach party or discotheque party. It is easy to achieve but needs a lot of maintenance to sport the look well.

Wavy Hairstyle
This is an emerging trendy hairstyle for men and most of the men are just getting used to sporting this one. Not all men will be able to sport this hairstyle confidently and it also requires some amount of maintenance to manage the waves on the locks. This hairstyle adds volume to the hair while giving it a unique shape.

The Classic Taper Hairstyle
This is a popular hairstyle among many men who manage to sport medium length hair. This hairstyle is a nice blend of style and conservativeness. The hair is tapered at the back and sides, it is left long on the forehead so that it can be brushed back.

These trendy hairstyles for men can give men a whole new look and a new dimension to their personality. Make sure you learn about hair care and how the hairstyles are to be maintained, before you decide to sport one yourself.

Men’s Hairstyles for 2013 – The Latest Trends in Men’s Haircuts and Hair Styles

Men’s Hair Styles for 2013 – We have the very best hairstyles for men and the latest trends in men’s haircuts in 2013. Whether the short and neat haircut appeals to you, or you prefer quiffed or long hairstyles, you have found the very best men’s haircuts for 2013.

Your haircut should work for you and make you feel confident and attractive while you achieve your ultimate goal. If you are starting from a short hair style, you can choose a haircut that keeps you looking clean and fashionable while you gorw your hair into a long style. There are many short style trends such as a haircut that is cropped on the sides and neckline with different lengths on top. A cut like this will have a spiky texture that is full or a close cut to the scalp. Some have longer bangs, as well. The Fade haircut is still extremely popular going into 2013 with Drake and others giving it a desired flavor. Use these styles to keep you on the road to your ultimate haircut. Long haircut or not, it doesn’t matter because we have great choices for both.

Hairstyles for men in 2013: The Long Gothic Look

The influences of Medieval and Renaissance times are taking hold again with a vengeance with the latest Gothic looks being carried by well-known celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Chris Angel. This look takes a lot of energy to maintain and should not be taken lightly. The Gothic hairstyle for men is also a very masculine style that is being sought after by the most fashion conscious men in 2013. But you’ve been warned: this is not the simple grunge haircut of years gone by.

The long Gothic style requires attention and maintenance that may be at a level that is unacceptable for an impatient man. You have to use a lot of care to get all that hair in the right place, and you will definitely need a high performance hair care product like Grey Helmet to keep everything styled to your satisfaction. You also have to go through an uncomfortable transition period where your hair style may not be long enough, and you might be tempted to cut it back to the short, easy hairstyle you had before, if you were like many men with a short neat hairstyle in 2012. The hair dresser will only need to see you once every 3 or 4 weeks for some trimming and shaping and split end abatement while you grow out your length. Trimming your hair also keep your hair growing steadily until you reach the desired length. But do not trim the sides, just let them grow out. You do not want a mullet.

Hairstyles for men in 2013: The Retro Look

The Gothic influences have been creating a big splash in men’s hair styles and fashion, but there are other trends that hearken back to era’s gone by such as the Duck Tail, Pompadour, and the short Clipper Style cuts of the 1950′s. Celebrities from the past who had this look were James Dean, Elvis, and Cary Grant.

For those who already have this kind of haircut, there are ways we can make it more modern and bring that retro look into the year 2013. The main look has been left untouched from the 1950′s with a slightly closer cut on the sides and back. The top should be textured to make it fuller and give it some excitement and motion. If you are in the process of growing your hair out to a Long Gothic Style, remember not to have the hairdresser cut it in layers. Eventually, when you get to your Long Gothic Style, you will be glad about the lack of layering. You will need a powerful holding product like Grey Helmet to finish the look and complete the style.

Hairstyles for men in 2013: The Textured Mid-Length Layered Look

The textured mid-length layered hair style for men is a very popular hairstyle in 2013. You can use texture in this hair style to get a full bodied look with some wavy motion. But when it comes to the layers, be aware that layered haircuts are not for everyone. You should consult with your hairdresser to see if it is right for you and the direction you are going with your hair. It is a matter of lifestyle and personal preference, and also a matter of considering the effort it takes to maintain the layered cut. Some layered cuts can be easier to maintain than others. So make a choice that fits with your time, as well as your lifestyle.

Hairstyles for men in 2013: The Medium-Long Look

For many of you, this is the destination look you were searching for. For others, this will be a way station along the way to your long Gothic look. Either way, the flexible style of men’s hair is very dynamic in terms of style. You can emphasize a long layered look with the use of finishing products like Grey Helmet to add texture and define curly or wavy elements to create depth. A good hair gel can also be used to push back the sides of the hair to give more focus to the top and front similar to a short haircut. The cut of the hair can be shaped to emphasize favorable facial features and play down weaker features. This style makes the hair look full bodies, deep, and layered with tons of style. Apply a little or a lot of the wet look to finish this style and add excitement to the look.

Hairstyles for men in 2013: The Color Statement

Did you make it to the Long Gothic look? Wondering what’s next? Keep it natural and let the hair flow where it falls. Use Products to add texture and style to perfection. Sometimes a very mild perm with a very large rod can add a bit of natural curve for those with very straight hair. And yes, use color to make it even more interesting and strong. For the Long Gothic Look, jet black would be the statement of choice. Very bright colors as highlights are also a strong choice for haircuts with well-defined lines. You can use a combination of complementary colors to add depth and give highlights for a rich look, as well as a sparkling shine in natural sunlight.

2013 is a fantastic year to take your men’s haircut to the next level. We hope this article has shown you some fashionable and exciting trends for men’s hair styles in 2013. Now wear it with style and make 2013 a great year!


Spiked Hair Styles For Men In 2013

It is very clear that there isn’t much guidance from the media in the way of hairstyles for men. It’s difficult for the males amongst us to keep up with styles as many a time the famous and stylish are praised for their fashion instead of their hair. However, here you can learn the techniques to one of the most timeless looks in the male species – spikes.

Spiky hairstyles are extremely easy to achieve, but they are a good way to keep up with trends and individualise a specific look to suit unique personalities, whether you are spiking your hair to make a statement, or simply keep hair out of your eyes.

Spikes make a bold statement – they are typically wild and dangerous, and have even been copied by some females, for example Sharon Stone, Kerry Katona and Ellen DeGeneres. Although the look is easy, some men are completely lost when it comes to where to start.

One of the most dramatic spiked hairstyles is the Mohawk. Jared Leto is known for sporting this style, which consists of the sides of the head being shaved to leave a central strip. The strip is one or two inches long, and although there are variations in the look, it is typically one single strip that is spiked into a fan allowing the hair to stand up evenly. ‘Liberty spikes’ can also be incorporated into the Mohawk, which is when the central strip is separated into individual spikes

A close brother of the Mohawk is the ‘faux-hawk’. This is a very similar style, but the hair on the side of the head isn’t completely shaved. It is cut shorter than the central strip but is a more subtle look – suitable for those who aren’t exactly ready to go the full hog with the hawk.

Although some looks are typically associated to a specific group of people, there is no rule saying that ‘emo’s’ or ‘punks’ are the only people allowed to style their hair in a particular way. A look that is commonly associated with ‘emo’ groups is the messy, uneven, shaved look. Characteristically this look has a hanging front fringe covering one eye, and hair spiked randomly across the head.

Stereotypicaly, ‘punks’ are also known for their dramatic hairstyles. Again, the ‘punk hairstyle’ is a vast umbrella of looks, however this is where the Mohawk originated. Punk hairstyles include twisted spikes, messy spikes and a selection of faux-hawks, and one of the determining factors of the punk style is the existence of spikes in the hair

To conclude on the background of the spiked hairstyle, one of the lesser known variations is the ‘flat top’ look. This is when the style, based on the crew cut, is much shorter at the sides and back, leaving slightly more hair at the top to make a bolder impression. The hair at the top is still short enough to stand up on its own in spikes.

Anyone can achieve a spiked hairstyle, even those suffering with hair loss. Visit to find out more.

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Bloomsbury of London
Hair Harvest

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Find The Right Men’s Cut For You

You might be going through a period of self improvement, maybe you’re tired of getting out of the shower and wondering what’s going on upstairs or you’re just sick of your old hairstyle and you’re after something new – spending time hair styling and trying to find the right cut isn’t just something for the girls and it’s not something to be embarrassed about!

You’re a guy, you have a look to maintain and you want to look good too – heck, you SHOULD look good! Men who don’t spend at least a bit of time concerned about their appearance end up coming across as lazy, unprofessional and lacking in confidence: none of which are positive attributes. Grooming means a lot more than keeping your shirts clean.

Take some time with your appearance, find out what works for you, why it does and read up on some of the latest men’s hair cuts and styles.

What Will Look Good on Me?

Not every haircut is going to look good, and it isn’t something you can change either. The reason some styles work for others and not for you – and vice versa – is because of face shape. There are about seven different common face shapes, each begging a different style to compliment.

Oval – The “ideal” face shape that lets you wear nearly any haircut. Hardly anybody has an oval face and the only real guide to follow is to keep hair from falling over it so that you can show off your fortunate genes.

Square – Defined, chiseled features and a strong jawline are the common characteristics of a square face. Think Arnie in the Terminator if you want a good mental image. Soften the edges with cuts that lengthen the face and avoid parting the hair in the middle unless you want to emulate Frankenstein’s Monster.

Oblong – Balance out an oblong shaped face with volume or a full fringe at the top. Medium length cuts are also easy to style and look great.

Heart – Wider above the eyes and slimmer around the jaw, heart shaped faces ask for longer hairstyles and you want to avoid anything too thick on top. It gives you the chance to do something a lot more interesting than the traditional short back and sides.

Triangle – If you have a slimmer forehead and a wider jaw line, try to keep your hair above the collar and top-focused. Keep it thick up top and show off that masculine chin.

Diamond – Narrow at the top and narrow around the jaw, if you have a diamond face shape then you generally want to avoid drawing attention to your ears. Add width around the forehead and sides and try to keep it slim around the cheeks.

Round – Even more uncommon than the oval face is the round one. With a head shaped a bit like an orange, you have a lot of options when it comes to styling and cuts. Short looks good and a lot of guys try to make the face look slimmer by keeping the hair slim around the cheeks.

Figure out your own face shape and make your hairstyle work for you. Talk to your hairdresser next time you go in about the cuts they think would be suitable and keep an eye out for celebrities and others with the same shape for ideas.