What Are Some Key Trends In Men’s Fashion For Spring Summer 2013?

Well, it’s the middle of March today, but it’s snowing outside. Spring and summer feel a long way off, but they are coming, and they are coming soon. Now is the time for planning your spring and summer wardrobe; now is the time to buy, because it is all much cheaper at this time of year. The only thing that we need to do is to hope and pray that we have a good one this year – although, this is Britain, we haven’t had a decent summer for years. Providing we do in fact get a summer this year, you will need to know what to wear. Given that information about men’s fashion is sparse, we thought that we would provide you with this quick guide to some of the hottest trends this year.

Smart Casual is In; Sloppy is out

Those of you who love to dress in a sloppy way are going to be a little unhappy this season, because for spring and summer 2013, it is all about creating a casual look that looks a little formal. This means wearing formal-style clothing with a casual twist. For example, a suit, but in a linen material, so that it’s loose; or wearing chinos with a polo shirt. Don’t worry if this isn’t your look, though, because there are plenty more to choose from.


Accessories used to be part of the fashion rulebook for women, but lately, it has become acceptable, if not customary, for men to accessorise too. This year, we have seen three major themes appearing on the catwalks of London, New York, Paris and Milan.


    1. Tote bag: again, the tote bag forms a part of the female fashions, but this year, the designers have created a masculine range of totes. Make sure that you go for something uber-manly; this means military style totes primarily. Choose a neutral colour, as men tend not to show their feathers in the human race – we are not peacocks, we a species where women preen and men watch (curious fact: we are one of the only species to do this, in most animals, it is the male that is colourful and made-up).
    1. The canvas belt is going to be popular again this year. You may remember them from the late 90s and early 00s. they are fantastic for wearing with a casual outfit. they are much less formal than any other type of belt, so this is great news for you casual fashion lovers.
  1. Sunglasses: we are returning to the old school this year. 1950s classic style thick-rimmed glasses are all the rage, but bring them up to date by choosing a colourful and bright design.



By far the most popular style of jacket this year is the windcheater. You will find a range of windcheaters on the market, for both formal wardrobes, such as those sold in by Gucci, and in the semi-casual market, including Superdry windcheaters.

These are great for wearing with a comfortable pair of jeans; this is particularly true of the Superdry windcheaters. Incidentally, the sexiest style of jeans for men in 2013 is straight-legged or athletic fit.

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Article Source: Ezine Articles